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Trailer for your Weekend: Birdman

birdman poster

Look, I’m a sucker for an interesting/awesome song choice in a trailer. So this trailer for Birdman (2014) had me at the cover of Gnarls Barkley. But it doesn’t hurt that the director, cast and premise are all intriguing. It is rare these days for me to literally know nothing about a film before I catch the trailer, but I had never heard of this one at all. This trailer is definitely a teaser, with very few real details given on the film. But the taste that you get from it is that it is hopefully going to be uber cool and original. I am definitely looking forward to this one now. The poster is badass too.

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Trailer for your Weekend: The Grand Budapest Hotel

budapest poster

Apologies for the slow week on the blog all. The day job has been hectic and I have had my old man around helping me do some work on the house as well.

Back in time for a weekend trailer as always. A new Wes Anderson film is always anticipated by many. I have not always really clicked with his films, but I really loved his most recent Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and as such was keener to see what he came up with next. This trailer makes me very excited indeed for the joys that The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) may well hold for us. For starters there is the cast which I was going to list but it’s too long. Think of a cool actor and then just assume they are in it.  Then there is what appears to be more of Anderson’s schtick, which can be delightful, consisting of a whimsical tone, incredible design (4:3 aspect ration anyone?) and shots composed down to the most minute of details. I think Anderson’s films work the best when there is a solid narrative drive to them and it looks  like this one has a reasonable level of plot to keep things moving along.

So all in all, I massively excited for this one. How about you guys? Also, what are your favourite films of Anderson’s? I need to go back and explore some of his earlier stuff.

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Trailer for your Weekend: Gravity


I think this teaser for Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming sci-fi flick Gravity has been doing the rounds for a while. But I only just caught it and it has absolutely blown me away. The trailer itself does a great job of giving a sense of the plot with very few specifics to spoil the end experience. This high concept flick featuring two astronauts drifting in space sounds pretty incredible to start with. Add in the fact that the two astronauts are played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock who I have been liking more and more and I think we have a pretty exciting combination.

Are you guys as psyched for this as I am?

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Trailer for your Weekend: The Way, Way Back

way poster

In many ways, Juno and Little Miss Sunshine both have  a lot to answer for. Both films I love, the success of those two films sent studios scurrying to create the next indie hit. Of course when studios try and create something ‘indie’, it just does not work and numerous films fell into the trap of trying to imitate the legitimate charm of the two films mentioned.

The Way, Way Back sees Little Miss Sunshine stars Steve Carrell and Toni Collette seek to recapture that charming vibe. The trailer all looks a bit average until Sam Rockwell rears his awesome head, and brings a seemingly different angle to proceedings. Here’s hoping this film can be a charming and original feeling one aye. I’m keen to check it out after this trailer.

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Trailer for your Weekend: Silver Linings Playbook

I was kicking around on Apple Trailers trying to find a trailer to share and really struggling to find anything appealing that I had not shared. Getting exasperated, I chose Silver Linings Playbook solely because of the presence of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, two engaging actors if unleashed in the right material.

The trailer for Silver Linings Playbook looks like it could go both ways, but there is hope that this could be engaging. Cooper’s character looks interesting and it is awesome to see Jacki Weaver in a decently substantial role as his mum. I’m not going to lie, I wrote that sentence after the first 30 secs of the trailer. The rest of it gives me less hope. It is hard to do the two people with mental illness falling in love thing sensitively and without falling into overt tweeness, and I fear this will fail that test. But, I’ll reserve judgement, and hopefully the people involved in this one bring intelligence to the humour.

What do you guys think of this one?

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Trailer for your Weekend: The Amazing Spider-man

Modern trailers get a fair bagging. And generally for good reason. There is a tendency to give away far too much plot and all the best jokes, having the effect of a spoiler ridden review.

But every so often a trailer serves its purpose – makes you want to see the movie. This week’s trailer did that for me. I was not at all keen for The Amazing Spider-man. I thought a reboot was entirely unnecessary, and that if a another Spider-man film needed to be made, it should be another Raimi film (despite the general woefulness of much of his third). But this looks like a really cool new take, with a bit of humour, back story and engaging leads.

Check out the trailer, and let me know your thoughts.And enjoy your weekend.