Trailer for your Weekend: Birdman

birdman poster

Look, I’m a sucker for an interesting/awesome song choice in a trailer. So this trailer for Birdman (2014) had me at the cover of Gnarls Barkley. But it doesn’t hurt that the director, cast and premise are all intriguing. It is rare these days for me to literally know nothing about a film before I catch the trailer, but I had never heard of this one at all. This trailer is definitely a teaser, with very few real details given on the film. But the taste that you get from it is that it is hopefully going to be uber cool and original. I am definitely looking forward to this one now. The poster is badass too.

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6 responses

  1. Being a huge González Iñárritu fan, I had heard of this one before but after the teaser I absolutely cannot wait. Great visuals, song choice and cast!

  2. Looks very interesting if nothing else 😀

  3. Just ‘wow’, a very impressive trailer. Can’t wait to see this now, and such a great cast. Thanks.

  4. The fact that Michael Keaton is in it somewhat got me over the disappointment that this has nothing do with the Hanna Barbara’s 1960’s cartoon of the same name.

  5. Victor De Leon | Reply

    This looks epic. Great trailer.

  6. That was an awesome trailer. I just hope the movie doesnt suck

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