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My new(ish) podcast: Driving home from the cinema reviews

Hi All,

Happy New Year. Hope you guys had a great festive season. I know I haven’t been seen too much on this site and around the place of late. Life continually getting in the road. I am actually intending on catching up on my outstanding Worth Watching posts over the next 6 weeks or so (eight months of movies and TV to write about!) because I have been taking notes the whole time. Also planning to get a top 10 of the year list up sometime this month (if you’ve written yours, hit me with a link in the comments, would love to read it).

But as I was at my dreaded first day back in the office the other day, I realised that I had never shared the details of my new(ish) podcast with you cool people. I’m up to 25 episodes now of Driving home from the cinema reviews. It’s a short (generally about 10 minutes) review show on whatever I’ve just seen. Hopefully you guys will give it a shot. You can find all the episodes here and on iTunes of course. Some of my favourite episodes in particular are Episode 25 – The Last Jedi, Episode 18 – The Girl with all the Gifts, Episode 14 – Battle of the Sexes and Episode 10 – Ali’s Wedding so perhaps start there. Give it a listen and subscribe if you dig it.

Let me know what you think. I know I listen to some of your podcasts already, but if you have one then share a link below so I can be sure to check it out.

Peace to you all.


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