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Gone on holidays


“Tim’s not here man” – Homer Simpson


I am in the final stages of a late night packing scramble before heading off overseas tomorrow. A 30 odd hour journey awaits (probably pushing 35-40 taking into account time at airports actually) so they better have a ton of good movies on the plane.

Apologies I did not get up to date on comments and reading people’s recent work. You won’t see me around here or on your own site for the next three-four weeks. But rest assured I will be back and can’t wait to talk way more movies with you guys.

Stay well. Stay happy. Stay lovin.




Seeking travel tips – England, Ireland and Scotland

No that's not Prince Charles, it's me next week... actually no, that is Prince Charles.

No that’s not Prince Charles, it’s me next week… actually no, that is Prince Charles.

Hey Friends,

Later this week, I am heading overseas on holidays for three glorious weeks. I am hitting England, Ireland and Scotland for the first time which I am pretty excited about. I will be mainly sticking to London, Dublin and Edinburgh, but it is quite possible I will spend a little time somewhere a little more regional in Ireland and Scotland.

Anyhoo, I know some of you guys live in these countries and no doubt more have visited, so I was after any hot tips you may have. I will use somewhere between zero and all of them. I have left my planning and researching to the last minute as is my way, so any cool suggestions you have would be gnarly. I am into the following things:

  • Beer. Any cool pubs or microbreweries in these places.
  • Whisky. I am intending on visiting a couple of distilleries. Most likely Bushmills in Ireland and one or two yet to be decided in Scotland. Any suggestions? Also, given I won’t be able to go to every distillery I would love to thanks to time constraints, if you know of any sweet whisky bars then let me know.
  • Vegan friendly food. Cause a man has to eat.
  • Awesome movie stuff. Aiming to get to the BFI and also want to hear of any cool, small cinemas playing interesting stuff. Probably won’t go to too many multiplex style places, but who knows, I may just want a cruisy night in front of some hollywood trash. So let me know if you have any suggestions for those.
  • Sweet museums or galleries. What is good out of the big mainstream ones and the awesome quirkiness.
  • Communication tips – is free wi-fi common, what is a good local sim card to buy (preferably with a little data included).
  • Sports. I know it is the wrong season, but are there any cool sporting events going on over the next month.

Thanks for any and all ideas. You’re a bunch of legends.

Given I am heading off, activity on here and on other people’s sites will probably be pretty minimal for the next four weeks or so. I am aiming to post another Friday the 13th review and Worth Watching for July before I go. But no guarantees. I will also aim to catch up in responding to all the comments on here I have neglected too.