Ratings System


Here is the ratings system I use for most of the reviews on this site, based around some of my favourite (and not so favourite) beers. Longneck of Melbourne Bitter ratings are reserved for my absolute favourite films. Films which earn a Pint of Kilkenny are also excellent, they can be technically perfect but just did not quite have the massive personal connection that I felt for the highest rating. Then the ratings move all the way down to the truly deplorable Schooner of Tooheys New.

  • Longneck of Melbourne Bitter  – The King of Beers. A title reserved for what are in my opinion the kings of movies. In a nutshell, this is a movie I think everyone should go out and watch straight away, no excuses (accompanied by a MB longneck of course)
  • Pint of Kilkenny – There is very little better than one of these by the fire in a pub on a freezing Canberra evening. And there is very little better than these films. Denotes an excellent film which comes highly recommended and should be seen by everyone.
  • Stubby of Reschs – A very good film. An enjoyable film which perhaps didn’t bring me the sheer enjoyment or emotional hit as the above two. Reschs never fails to grab me and merely names this rating cause it’s a beer I enjoy a little less than a Pint of Kilkenny.
  • Schooner of Carlton Draught – An average beer but one you will drink if there is nothing else going. Films earning this rating do not stand out in a good way and more importantly are not particularly enjoyable.
  • Schooner of Tooheys New – This movie, like this beer may induce vomiting on impact and should be avoided at all costs. A film you wouldn’t wish for your worst enemy to have to sit through it.

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