My Other Work

A vast majority of my work is done for this site, but occasionally pieces of mine find other avenues to get out into the world. Rather then reblogging my work here, I will be continually updating this page so you can follow my work as it pops up elsewhere, occasionally in print, but more often than not on other blogs. Please be sure to check out these other blogs because they are all really good.

If you would like me to write something for your publication/blog/website/whatever, then I would always love to hear from you. Hit me with your ideas at


Regular co-host of the now deceased The Film Brief podcast


Bigfoot on Cinema Schminema

The Chaser review on The Film Brief

The Hunger Games review on Film Blerg

Into the Abyss review on The Film Brief

Man on a Ledge review on Film Blerg

Margin Call review on The Film Brief

Martha Marcy May Marlene review on Film Blerg

Mortal Kombat review on Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Not Suitable for Children review on The Film Brief

The Reef on Cinema Schminema

One for the Money review on Film Blerg

Sleeper review on Film Blerg

Swamp Women on Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Take the Money and Run review on Film Blerg


No Plans by Cold Chisel album review on Sydney Morning Herald online (originally published in The Canberra Times Newspaper

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