Gone on holidays


“Tim’s not here man” – Homer Simpson


I am in the final stages of a late night packing scramble before heading off overseas tomorrow. A 30 odd hour journey awaits (probably pushing 35-40 taking into account time at airports actually) so they better have a ton of good movies on the plane.

Apologies I did not get up to date on comments and reading people’s recent work. You won’t see me around here or on your own site for the next three-four weeks. But rest assured I will be back and can’t wait to talk way more movies with you guys.

Stay well. Stay happy. Stay lovin.




6 responses


    Don’t get scurvy!!

  2. Watch “Sling Blade” on the plane!!

  3. Have a safe, great and fun trip!

  4. enjoy ur trip Tim!

  5. Have a good one šŸ™‚

  6. Cheers Tim, I’ve slacked off on paying you proper attention lately as well. We’ll all catch up soon! Safe travels.

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