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Trailer for your Weekend: The Amazing Spiderman 2

spidey poster

The first of these films, whilst a totally unnecessary reboot, was decent enough. I thought that Raimi’s first Spiderman film did all the same things, only better, but it could have been worse. I don’t look back on it that fondly, so unsurprisingly, I am not all that excited about The Amazing Spiderman 2. Seeing this trailer has not really changed anything in that regard I have to say. There are some cool little moments, the opening shot for example. But nothing here, even the hints at the Green Goblin or Elecro, really piqued my interest that much. What about you folk, more excited than me for this?

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Trailer for your Weekend: The Amazing Spider-man

Modern trailers get a fair bagging. And generally for good reason. There is a tendency to give away far too much plot and all the best jokes, having the effect of a spoiler ridden review.

But every so often a trailer serves its purpose – makes you want to see the movie. This week’s trailer did that for me. I was not at all keen for The Amazing Spider-man. I thought a reboot was entirely unnecessary, and that if a another Spider-man film needed to be made, it should be another Raimi film (despite the general woefulness of much of his third). But this looks like a really cool new take, with a bit of humour, back story and engaging leads.

Check out the trailer, and let me know your thoughts.And enjoy your weekend.