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Trailer for your Weekend: The Grand Budapest Hotel

budapest poster

Apologies for the slow week on the blog all. The day job has been hectic and I have had my old man around helping me do some work on the house as well.

Back in time for a weekend trailer as always. A new Wes Anderson film is always anticipated by many. I have not always really clicked with his films, but I really loved his most recent Moonrise Kingdom (2012) and as such was keener to see what he came up with next. This trailer makes me very excited indeed for the joys that The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) may well hold for us. For starters there is the cast which I was going to list but it’s too long. Think of a cool actor and then just assume they are in it.  Then there is what appears to be more of Anderson’s schtick, which can be delightful, consisting of a whimsical tone, incredible design (4:3 aspect ration anyone?) and shots composed down to the most minute of details. I think Anderson’s films work the best when there is a solid narrative drive to them and it looks  like this one has a reasonable level of plot to keep things moving along.

So all in all, I massively excited for this one. How about you guys? Also, what are your favourite films of Anderson’s? I need to go back and explore some of his earlier stuff.

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