Trailer for your Weekend: Silver Linings Playbook

I was kicking around on Apple Trailers trying to find a trailer to share and really struggling to find anything appealing that I had not shared. Getting exasperated, I chose Silver Linings Playbook solely because of the presence of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, two engaging actors if unleashed in the right material.

The trailer for Silver Linings Playbook looks like it could go both ways, but there is hope that this could be engaging. Cooper’s character looks interesting and it is awesome to see Jacki Weaver in a decently substantial role as his mum. I’m not going to lie, I wrote that sentence after the first 30 secs of the trailer. The rest of it gives me less hope. It is hard to do the two people with mental illness falling in love thing sensitively and without falling into overt tweeness, and I fear this will fail that test. But, I’ll reserve judgement, and hopefully the people involved in this one bring intelligence to the humour.

What do you guys think of this one?

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6 responses

  1. I agree that it’s awesome to see Jacki Weaver there; I’m definitely a fan thanks to Animal Kingdom and Cosi. I don’t care much for Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence, but Jacki Weaver and Robert De Niro would make the movie worthwhile for me. (Bonus: John Ortiz! He’s excellent.)

    I was looking forward to the Museum of Modern Art preview of Silver Linings Playbook next Sunday (with David O. Russell there in person), but given NYC’s recent post-hurricane transportation woes, I probably won’t be able to go. Were I able to attend, of course I would blog about the experience.

    1. Didn’t realise you were New York based. Hope all is ok. And hopefully you get to the event, would be cool to read about.

      1. I did in fact get a ticket, so I will certainly blog about the experience. I’m really looking forward to it, not necessarily because it’s a David O. Russell movie (I thought I Heart Huckabees was awful) but because it’s cool to see directors in person and hear them talk about making the movie.

      2. Awesome, look forward to reading about it. Agree with you re directors, I think it is pretty much always enlightening to go and hear them talk about their craft, even if you don’t think much of their films.

  2. This looks very good, mainly because of the cast. I didn’t know what to think of the movie at first, but it has been VERY well received and it won the Audience Award at Toronto, which is a good sign.

    1. Interesting, didn’t know it had gotten those accolades. Makes me a little more comfortable with how it will turn out.

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