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Poll: Which franchise should I review next?

AVP poster

Hey guys. Hope you are all well. Life keeps getting in the road of me watching and reviewing the next A Nightmare on Elm Street film. But I am getting there, and have been really enjoying reviewing a franchise on a weekly basis.

As such I thought I would chuck a poll up and have you dudes decide which franchise to review next. Initially I thought I would just put a few choices up. But as I got going, I realised there are just so many awesome franchises out there that I would be happy to review. So you are spoilt for choice.

Here’s the deal, you can choose up to three of the below, to hopefully enhance your chances of seeing something you are keen to be reviewed. Whatever wins, I will start reviewing weekly once I am done with the Elm Street films. There is a slight caveat in that if I am not able to easily source the franchise that wins, I will move down the list. But I reckon I should be able to pick up everything here.

Sound off in the comments about what you chose and why. Also express your displeasure if I left something off here that you love. I will probably run a similar poll every time I need a new franchise to review so always good to have more suggestions.

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Poll: Which 1001 film should I live-tweet?

King Kong says make your vote count

King Kong says make your vote count

As you all probably know, this year I am aiming to review 101 out of the 1001 films to see before you die. I am a little behind with only four reviews posted so far. But I am still pretty confident of meeting my goal. I have a bunch more that I have watched and taken notes for, I just need to find the time to bash out my thoughts on them.

In any case, one way to boost the number of reviews is to live-tweet a couple as these are very time effective ways for me to review films. Whilst I generally like to do these on lighthearted films I can take the piss of, I think the form still works when dealing with more serious fare as well.

So here is the deal. You get five choices in the poll below. I am letting you choose more, so hopefully I am more likely to review something you are keen on. The poll will be open for exactly one week. Then after that, I will live tweet review the top three choices, spread out over a two or three week period. If you don’t have twitter, don’t worry because I will also post the end results on this site.

Get voting, even if there is only one you are interested in. Of course feel free to chime in with what you chose and why in the comments section below.

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Live Tweet Poll: Rubbish Shyamalan


The career of M. Night Shyamalan can be easily divided into two parts, with perhaps a little grey area in between. First is his golden, early career that famously led to him being labelled the ‘next Spielberg’. This period runs up to at least Unbreakable (2000) and includes the almost universally acclaimed The Sixth Sense (1999) that was probably the critical and commercial highpoint of Shyamalan’s output. Just as stark is the period of rubbish Shyamalan, which runs from Lady in the Water (2006) to his most recent abysmal effort After Earth (2013). This period has seen Shyamalan release some of the most maligned flicks of the last decade, attracting the kind of vitriol generally reserved for the likes of Uwe Boll and Michael Bay. Signs (2002) and The Village (2004) occupy a little bit of  a grey area in between the two periods with mixed opinions. What do you guys think of those two?

In any case, I have actually seen very little of Shyamalan’s work hence this little live tweet poll. This Saturday night coming around 9:30 ot 10 my time, I will be live-tweeting one of M. Night’s rather crappier efforts. Let me know in the comments below which of these three films you would like me to unleash my live-tweet on.

Lady in the Water (2006)


The Happening (2008)


The Last Airbender (2010)


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