Poll: Which franchise should I review next?

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Hey guys. Hope you are all well. Life keeps getting in the road of me watching and reviewing the next A Nightmare on Elm Street film. But I am getting there, and have been really enjoying reviewing a franchise on a weekly basis.

As such I thought I would chuck a poll up and have you dudes decide which franchise to review next. Initially I thought I would just put a few choices up. But as I got going, I realised there are just so many awesome franchises out there that I would be happy to review. So you are spoilt for choice.

Here’s the deal, you can choose up to three of the below, to hopefully enhance your chances of seeing something you are keen to be reviewed. Whatever wins, I will start reviewing weekly once I am done with the Elm Street films. There is a slight caveat in that if I am not able to easily source the franchise that wins, I will move down the list. But I reckon I should be able to pick up everything here.

Sound off in the comments about what you chose and why. Also express your displeasure if I left something off here that you love. I will probably run a similar poll every time I need a new franchise to review so always good to have more suggestions.

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18 responses

  1. I say start with Die Hard and follow that with Indiana Jones

    Good luck!

    1. Both awesome choices that I will hopefully get to soon.

    1. Fair call Fernando. But I am only just working through those for a first time (just short Worth Watching reviews), and not quite ready to revisit them as yet.

  2. I voted for Hannibal Lecter, Marvel Universe and The Exorcist 🙂 I would love to see reviews of all the Hannibal films especially.

    1. The Hannibal films did quite well in this poll actually. Didn’t win, but I wasn’t expecting them to be so popular.

  3. Halloween and F 13 all the way Baby!!!

    1. Friday the 13th was victorious so you got your wish (well one of them).

      1. I just need to get a passport, a bunch of money and we can make the other one happen!!! Like a BOSS!

      2. You should sir. First eight beers are on me.

  4. I’ve gone with The Matrix. Always love hearing people talk about those films!

    1. Yeah good call man. I would really like to revisit them actually. That franchise didn’t win unfortunately, but I reckon I will get on to them sooner rather than later.

  5. Have to go for the classic so am saying Indiana Jones 😀

    1. An excellent choice (it didn’t win though)

  6. Damn – am I too late to vote??

    1. Unfortunately so. What would your choice have been out of interest?

      Friday the 13th was the victor, so there will be more slasher reviews coming.

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