Trailer for your Weekend: Harmontown

Now here's some poster originality

Now here’s some poster originality

It’s a long weekend in these parts, so I am a little behind. Here is this week’s trailer though. Dan Harmon is a pretty controversial figure. Most would agree that he is somewhat of a genius. At its best, Community is about as inspired as TV comedy gets. But Harmon has also had his share of personal demons and explosive professional relationships. Harmontown is a doco that will take a look at the man’s issues. It looks like an intriguing project, especially for fans of Harmon like myself. My only concern is that it does seem to be a  project managed by Harmon and his crew. So let’s hope that the portrait is pretty warts and all. I really like what the trailer is laying down though, from the interesting talking heads right at the start on. What do you guys think, both of Harmon’s work and this film?

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5 responses

  1. I’m guessing Chevy Chase won’t be queuing up to see it!

    1. I think you may be correct sir. Are you a Community fan at all?

  2. I’m a big fan of Harmon and think he’s one of the most talented people working today. I hear he’s difficult to work with at times (as the trailer indicates), but he always does a great job at his work (without him, season 4 of Community really suffered).

    1. I have heard that about season 4 (I have only seen up to the end of 3). He is definitely a very talented dude. And often it is people who are brilliant who are the biggest arseholes.

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