Poll: Which 1001 film should I live-tweet?

King Kong says make your vote count

King Kong says make your vote count

As you all probably know, this year I am aiming to review 101 out of the 1001 films to see before you die. I am a little behind with only four reviews posted so far. But I am still pretty confident of meeting my goal. I have a bunch more that I have watched and taken notes for, I just need to find the time to bash out my thoughts on them.

In any case, one way to boost the number of reviews is to live-tweet a couple as these are very time effective ways for me to review films. Whilst I generally like to do these on lighthearted films I can take the piss of, I think the form still works when dealing with more serious fare as well.

So here is the deal. You get five choices in the poll below. I am letting you choose more, so hopefully I am more likely to review something you are keen on. The poll will be open for exactly one week. Then after that, I will live tweet review the top three choices, spread out over a two or three week period. If you don’t have twitter, don’t worry because I will also post the end results on this site.

Get voting, even if there is only one you are interested in. Of course feel free to chime in with what you chose and why in the comments section below.

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19 responses

  1. Voted! Happy to see my favorite horror (The Omen) on here. Lookig forward to your live tweets 😉

    1. Interesting to hear it is your favourite horror Fernando. Am aiming to get to it in the not too distant future even if it does not get voted in here.

      1. Cool. Looking forward to it. Such a great one.

  2. The Birds!! It’s about time here for the Canadian Geese to begin mating here and they go nuts and attack us every day at work….

    1. Haha, that’s brilliant. Now all I am going to be thinking the whole time I watch it is ‘what would Isaacs do in this situation?’

  3. I voted for The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Been meaning to see that for a long time so I’d be interested in reading your thoughts.

    1. Cheers for voting. I am very keen to see that as well. I am a fan of most (definitely not all) really classic Westerns I see so excited to check that one out sometime.

    1. Yeah that would be a pretty cool film to live tweet I suspect.

      1. Its a pretty cool film doing anything 😀

    1. That one is getting a fair bit of love on here. Excited to see it.

  4. The Thing would be cool. Great movie, and one I haven’t seen until recently either.

    1. Yeah I think it would be fun to do as well. Never seen it (though I have seen the remake from a few years back).

  5. The Thing! The Omen! Hope I’m around when you’re live tweeting. I love live tweeting. : )

    1. Awesome, thanks. I do the live tweets at pretty random times and days. But if you miss it, then I post the results on my blog so you won’t miss out entirely.

  6. […] don’t forget to vote in this all important poll here, and check out the episode of the Forgotten Filmcast I appeared on last […]

  7. […] don’t forget to vote in this all important poll here, and check out the episode of the Forgotten Filmcast I appeared on last […]

  8. […] don’t forget to vote in this all important poll here, and check out the episode of the Forgotten Filmcast I appeared on last […]

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