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Trailer for your Weekend: Godzilla

godzilla march poster

I rarely feature multiple trailers for the same film in this segment. Actually I think that Godzilla (2014) is a first there. I liked the teaser, which I looked at here, but I utterly love this full length effort.

For starters it is just so badass. We get to see a bunch of action, Cranston, Kick Ass and FREAKIN GODZILLA. But I also think this is one of the better examples of how to really do a great trailer of recent times. There are not spoilers for the entire narrative as is so common. But at the same time, the trailer manages to hit the viewer with some wonderful little plot points, such as the bit about the Pacific nuclear tests. Bring on this film basically. With the director and this trailer, I could not be more excited for it. You guys psyched too?

Also, anyone else notice that the sound effect at the start of this is exactly the same as the ones that were in the Pacific Rim (2013) trailers? I got two words for you: crossover film. That would be mind numbingly sweet.

Just a reminder, it may be a quiet couple of weeks on the site. I have a fair few day job (lame) and sporting commitments coming up. I have also had the first episode of the Beer Movie Podcast recorded for weeks and still not gotten around to editing it, so need to get on that.

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Trailer for your Weekend: Pacific Rim

pacific rim

Guillermo Del Toro has not been seen behind the director’s chair too much since dropping out of The Hobbit (correct me if I’m wrong – I was too lazy to google this). But here comes Pacific Rim, his long gestating tale of robots taking on monsters.

Del Toro is one of the most beloved visionaries working in film today. I must admit I have not seen too many of his films. Pacific Rim looks pretty epic though with stunning visuals – that huge whale skeleton early on blew my mind a little bit. Aside from the terrible Independence Day style jingoism that I am not at all keen on, this has me relatively excited to check the film out. Those monsters running rampant should be incredible viewing. Here’s hoping there is some narrative originality to go with the visuals though.

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