Trailer for your Weekend: Godzilla

godzilla poster

As a massive fan of Monsters (2010), I think that if anyone is capable of making a decent Godzilla film in this day and age, it is director Gareth Edwards. When you think about it, the story is not an easy one to transfer to a contemporary sensibility. But here is hoping this is a really great big scary monster flick. I like this trailer, even though there is a fair bit of shared ground with the latest Captain America effort. It doesn’t ruin anything and gets me excited for the scope that Edwards is going to bring to the screen. Godzilla is definitely one of my most anticipated films for next year.

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8 responses

  1. The trailer does look reasonably promising, but I’m still nervous. Like you said, some movies are just hard to adapt, hard to remake.

    1. Fingers crossed man. I am really hoping it is decent.

  2. The trailer was a bit underwhelming but if it can be as good as Monsters then I’ll be happy

    1. The trailer could have been better for sure, but there is enough there to increase my excitement. If he can get some of the magic of Monsters in there, he will be on the right track.

  3. By the way that poster is so cool

  4. I thought this trailer was all sorts of awesome. Can’t wait for the movie!

    1. Same man, really excited for it.

      1. One of my most anticipated of 2014 now.

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