Trailer for your Weekend: Life Itself

ebert poster

Unlike a lot of people, Roger Ebert was not my favourite film critic. I only read his work occasionally, finding it often insightful and often missing the point a little. But I, like everyone really must, totally respect Ebert and his position as the most popular critic of all time. He undoubtedly got more people interested in the art of cinema and challenged them to explore films that they otherwise would have passed by. Life Itself (2014) is a doco from big name director Steve James currently playing the festival circuit on Ebert’s life and work. From the awesome choice of opening quote from Ebert, to the breakdown of his sparring with Gene Siskel to the reveal of some of the great talking heads the film will include such as my man Werner Herzog, this is a film I really want to see. You guys keen for this too?

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11 responses

  1. Like you, I respect Ebert but am not his biggest fan. However, this one seems very interesting.

    1. Yeah definitely. And let’s face it. We are not going to get the chance to see too many documentaries about film critics so better jump at the chance.

      1. Exactly! Looks like a decent film anyways, even if you’re not the biggest Ebert fan.

  2. He’s so overrated, but I admire his love for cinema. Plus Werner Herzog!! 🙂

    1. Right there with you on the admiration for his love of cinema and admiration for Werner Herzog.

  3. Yep, I’m keen! 🙂

  4. Yeah, I’d like to check this out. Roger Ebert was very influential to my film fandom.

    1. Even though I am not the same, I think that so many people are right there with you on that. Great that he could inspire a love for cinema in so many people.

  5. Yes!! Very much looking forward to this. I’m coming at it just from the point of view of trying to understand the person behind the critic more. Because I also found several of his reviews almost annoying at times. I respect him for who he is. But I do have people I read more.

    I actually read these blogs more than I do Ebert!! Hahahaha

    1. I am the same man. I read blogs on wordpress more than any pro critic probably. I also found some, though not all, Ebert reviews to be annoying. But still had mad respect for the guy.

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