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Trailer for your Weekend: Life Itself

ebert poster

Unlike a lot of people, Roger Ebert was not my favourite film critic. I only read his work occasionally, finding it often insightful and often missing the point a little. But I, like everyone really must, totally respect Ebert and his position as the most popular critic of all time. He undoubtedly got more people interested in the art of cinema and challenged them to explore films that they otherwise would have passed by. Life Itself (2014) is a doco from big name director Steve James currently playing the festival circuit on Ebert’s life and work. From the awesome choice of opening quote from Ebert, to the breakdown of his sparring with Gene Siskel to the reveal of some of the great talking heads the film will include such as my man Werner Herzog, this is a film I really want to see. You guys keen for this too?

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