Three fantastic Enemy posters

Up until I came across the trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy (2013) whilst trawling for  a trailer to post last week, hype for the film had pretty much passed me by. I thought the trailer was really good and I loved the poster I included in that post as well (the first one below). In a time where one decent poster for a big release is rare, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were three pretty tasty looking Enemy posters. Check them out below and let me know what your favourite is.

This poster I shared with the trailer last week. I am utterly intrigued by that monster inside Gyllenhaal’s head.

enemy poster

Just as awesome is this yellow beast. Echoing the somewhat empty head and ramping up the doppelganger aspect of the plot too. This may well be my favourite of the three.

enemy poster 2.1

Lastly is this one, which if you look closely is actually really detailed in its design. The Gyllenhaal doubles have slightly different looks about them. Like the above, is cool to see some bold colour schemes used as well.

enemy poster 3.2

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7 responses

  1. “In a time where one decent poster for a big release is rare…” FACT.

  2. These are fucking great. My favorite is still the first, though.

  3. Love these (especially the second one). Dying to see this one.

  4. Very cool. For some reason I think I like the first one best. Freakishly cool.

  5. Great posters. I am really looking forward to seeing this film, hope we get it soon!

  6. Best 2014 film I’ve seen thus far. The posters are the perfect appetizer for an incredible film.

    1. Cheers for commenting Mark. Even more excited to check this one out now.

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