Trailer for your Weekend: The Double

the double poster

After stumbling upon the trailer for Enemy (2013) last week, I thought this week I would share the trailer for the rather more hyped doppelganger film to be released this year, Richard Ayoade’s The Double (2014). I have not really seen any of Ayoade’s work but plenty of people are really keen on his artistic vision. In terms of the cast, Jesse Eisenberg rarely impresses me, but I think Mia Wasikowska is one of the best actresses working at the moment and I enjoy her performances even in films that  I don’t care for such as Stoker (2013). As for this film, I am a little pessimistic. It looks a little weird tonally and actually reminded me of Tery Gilliam’s Brazil (1985). That kind of shtick is difficult to maintain over the course of a whole film. Having said that, the central notion is one that could make a great film, being a great mix of the relateable and the fantastical. Imagine what you would go through if all of a sudden your doppelganger showed up as a colleague. Hopefully the director can take it some interesting places.

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10 responses

  1. I want to see this one but I share your concerns. I’m looking froward to Enemy more.

    1. Same man. This one definitely has potential. Just also a lot of potential to go wrong.

  2. This looks kinda cool, not going to lie. Though I will side with you in preparing for a possible failure. I am not entirely sold on Eisenberg myself but to me this kind of looks like a good testing ground for him to prove he can be the nice guy and the devil at the same time. Good practice to get in before starring as Lex friggin Luther in a couple years. Good stuff dude!

    1. I am not one to get all up in arms about casting choices… but Eisenberg is a shit choice for Lex Luger (possibly a slight contradiction in that sentence).

      I definitely think this could be a cracker. I am just a little concerned about the execution. Will have to wait and see I guess.

  3. I am reserving judgement on this one, as well. I figure it could be either brilliant or terrible. We’ll see how it turns out.

    1. I’m with you there man. Don’t see much potential for this to just fall in the middle. Will either be awesome or unbearable.

  4. I have to say, after seeing the trailer a few times now, I am suitably excited about this one. The dark more reserved almost British humour is most definitely my bag.

    1. Oh yeah, that British style humour I love too. I just think there is a lot of places this could go wrong. But executed well and it could be a really fantastic film too.

      1. With this one I have faith, Richard Ayoade prove himself with his last feature ‘Submarine’ to be a director who knows quirky dark comedy like few others.

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