Trailer for your Weekend: Enemy

enemy poster

Have to love a trailer that opens with the line “you don’t go to the movies do you?” From there the trailer sets up an intriguing premise, that could be spectacular if done well. A man, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, sees his doppelganger in a film and sets about finding as much out about his onscreen double as possible. Hopefully they take this some interesting places and don’t just coast on the quality of the premise. Very cool to catch a glimpse of the great Isabella Rossellini in this as well.

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16 responses

  1. This movie looks awesome. Just awesome.

    1. I agree man. Came out of nowhere for me and now I am really keen to catch it.

  2. Gyllenhaal is a great actor, and I’m glad he’s finally picking projects worth his talent.
    Excited to see it.

    1. Same sir. Gyllenhaal has been appearing in some interesting films of late. Hopefully this one continues the trend.

  3. Awesome. It’s like Hitchcock meets Inception meets David Lynch meets Purple Rose o Cairo. I’ve seen two films by Villeneuve (Incendies and Prisoners) and both have been stunning. Gyllenhaal was so overlooked for awards for his amazing performance in the latter.

    1. Haha, nice description work there Fernando. Haven’t seen either of those films, but heard good things about both. Might have to catch up on some of Villeneuve’s other work.

      1. Haha, thanks! And you should! Very talented guy!

  4. This may sound crazy, but I did not like it. Considering Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite actors and that Villeneuve is incredibly talented, it came as a big surprise to me that I could not enjoy it all that much. I understand the genius behind the plot, yet it just was not amusing to watch. The theater I was in erupted in laughter at parts that were supposed to be creepy and everyone left wanting their money back.

    1. Interesting perspective. I have read some glowing reviews but always nice to see some dissent. Was the plot too confusing or just not that interesting? Audience laughing when they are not meant to is never a good sign.

      1. The review is dropping on major sites actually. Currently a 69% compared to how high it was originally! It is confusing, but I was able to grasp it. The latter is the case! I mean, the film is genius, but the way it is executed leaves a lot to be desired.

        Oh yeah, people thought that they had been trolled. Everyone was complaining, calling it stupid or laughing on the way out. It was a Friday night crowd so quite a few people. True story!

        Hope you like it a lot more!!

  5. I honestly can’t wait to see this either. Looks very intriguing, a cross between Prisoners and Inception to me! 😀

    1. Yeah man, looks tasty aye. I need to see Prisoners. That one passed me by.

  6. This is a movie I am really looking forward to seeing!

    1. Same Zoe. Looks fantastic!

  7. Hmm. Interesting idea for a movie. Great poster too! : )

    1. Yeah I love that poster (have just put up a post with two more cracking posters for the film as well).

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