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Trailer for your Weekend: Palo Alto

palo alto poster

James Franco is a busy and multi-talented dude. He will soon be starring in Palo Alto (2014), an adaptation of his own collection of short stories directed by Gia Coppola. Films based on short story collections seem to miss the mark a fair bit, but this seems to have a fair bit of promise. I am a fan of Franco and Emma Roberts has impressed me in a couple of things as well. The trailer looks good and it may manage to bring something original to the teen, coming of age film which would be really refreshing. Who knows how it will turn out, but at this stage, I am pretty keen. Thoughts all?

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Trailer for your Weekend: Oz the Great and Powerful

Title plate of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (not...

Title plate of Baum’s very first Oz book.

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s trailer. Unfortunately there was a death in the family last week so I have been away from the computer.

Anyone who has followed this blog for long will know that James Franco is one of my favourite actors working today, predominately because of his intriguing choice of roles. To see him in an Oz set adventure, not to mention the really interesting choice of director and three dynamite female leads, has shot Oz the Great and Powerful to the top of my ‘to see list’. Especially after I heard recently that the producers of this were really looking to pay homage to a number of Baum’s books that first created the Oz universe. Sure, it looks like it could be the latest annoying Burton/Depp literature adaptation, but with them not in the director/actor places, this should hopefully be something quite different.

What do you guys think of this?

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