What do you think of the Jurassic World trailer?

jworld poster 2

So I’ve been a little absent the past few weeks, planning and then executing both wedding and honeymoon #2. Now that’s over with, tis time to think about movies a little. Thought I would ease myself in by sharing the first trailer for Jurassic World (2015) which debuted a month or so ago. Even with all the huge films on their way next year, this is still probably my most anticipated. I am a massive fan of all three J Park films and am well and truly excited for the Park to be open.

There was a fair bit of flack thrown at the film when this trailer landed. A lot of that is I think your usual internet scorn. There is much to be excited about here and I think the trailer is pretty exciting and gives a lot of hope that the unlikely team of Colin Trevorrow, Chris Pratt and company could really reinvigorate the series. There is some nice humour,  I love the fact that the park really is open in this one and there is an aquarium with a freakin murderous plesiosaur/crocodile type thing. Which is all one can ask for. The misgivings I do have, and they have been there since I heard of some of these plot points, centre around the use of genetic hybrid dinosaurs. It just seems so unnecessary to me, given the huge numbers of visually stunning and vicious dinosaurs out there that have not been used yet. But who knows, it could be an utterly inspired move by the writers.

Genuinely keen to hear what you guys think of this trailer too. Hoping to reply to all the comments on here over the next few days and check out what you have all been up to as well. Hope all are well.

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19 responses

  1. I’m interested in it although I can’t say it is a franchise I was deeply longing to return.

    1. No that’s a fair enough call. It was kind of dead and buried for me too. But I’m all full of nostalgic excitement now.

  2. I personally loved the trailer! Very excited for this new adventure. Also, Chris Pratt ❤

    1. Yeah I am a massive fan of his too. He has been on fire of late.

  3. As excited as I am about this movie, the trailer did absolutely nothing for me. It looks like something the Syfy channel would conjure up if they were given a massive budget.

    1. This comment makes me sad… if only because I can sort of see the tiniest element of truth in what you say. So I am going to ignore it and blindly maintain this film will be tops.

      1. Fringe Void, for some reason I can’t like your reply here. But please know it is almost certainly the greatest comment ever left on this site.

  4. cant wait to see this!

    1. Same Rob. Such a massive fan of the franchise.

  5. Eh, like Ryan said, the trailer doesn’t do a whole lot for me. That bit with the people canoeing past those Stegosaurs looks hella dangerous. I’d never allow that in my park, too many possible lawsuits. I wonder if that huge, shark-eating marine reptile comes into play after the everything inevitably goes wrong.

    1. Oh booo to dissenting opinions on this awesomeness. Oh man, I hope that murderous sea beast plays a massive part. I will feel really cheated if not.

  6. Loved it. Cannot wait for the film 😀

    1. Same man. So freakin excited for it. Actually, 2015 is going to be a hell of a year for blockbusters.

  7. This is the movie of 2015 that I am most looking forward too. Planet of the Apes was what got me going this year. It did not disappoint. Jurassic Park is what is getting me stoked for next year!

    1. Yeah man, I am psyched. Who knows how they will all turn out, but in terms of hyped blockbusters, on paper 2015 is going to be a huge year.

  8. Nice, congrats on the wedding/honeymoon dude! Great to hear.

    I’m slowly changing my tune on this idea; I initially wasn’t keen on there being any more Jurassic Park. But the casting of Chris Pratt (whom I’m actually not over the moon about usually) seems interesting and my goodness, some of the ways this mimics the joys and terrors of the original is difficult to not comment on. If everything is done right (I share your concern about the introduction of ‘fictitious’ hybrid dinosaurs, that just seems really superfluous) I think this could be a hell of an anchor for next year in terms of the bigger productions are concerned.

    1. Cheers for the congrats man. Surprised you are not generally a fan of Chris Pratt. I sort of assumed everyone loved him. I like the vibe of the trailer. Like you mention, it sort of mimics the tone of the original films which is a good idea. Let’s just hope the friggin mutant dinosaurs don’t derail the whole thing.

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