Trailer for your Weekend: Avengers: Age of Ultron extended trailer

Ultron poster

Sort of like bashing Benedict Cumberbatch, accusing the Marvel films of all being the same has become something that all the cool kids are doing on twitter recently. I can see some merit in aspects of that argument. But in a year when the studio has released the spy-thriller Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and sci-fi Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), it is a pretty hard argument to maintain. A lot of this griping came about when the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) came out a few weeks ago. The more rcent, extended trailer is below. What do you guys think of it? I don’t love The Avengers (2012) as much as some people and it’s not my absolute favourite Marvel film. But I am still super excited by this trailer. And I think that is the thing. If you are in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe like me, this trailer will get you really excited. If you don’t care for the films, then there is probably nothing here to change your mind.

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8 responses

  1. I’m pretty damn stoked for this to come out, I won’t lie. But I’m also equally excited for Marvel to move into it’s more obscure properties, like Ant Man, The Inhumans, Doctor Strange, etc.

    1. Yeah I am very keen for Doctor Strange. Ant Man too, but I have my concerns with the Edgar Wright situation on that one. Worried they might be looking to enforce too samey a vibe across them all, though Guardians of the Galaxy gives me hope that’s not the case.

  2. Problem is that this “spy-thriller” and “sci-fi” very quickly transformed into conventional Marvel movies, with the heroes reuniting against a new threat and a third act dominated by city-wide destruction. Neither was a bad movie, but both were far less interesting than they could have been by following the Marvel formula (which isn’t a terrible formula by any means – I loved The Avengers). Cap 2, in particular, felt like it squandered its spy-thriller set-up about halfway through, and I found that more disappointing than it being just a generic action film throughout. Hopefully Whedon can shake up the status quo (after all, the biggest problem with modern Marvel movies is that they’re all trying to mini versions of The Avengers).

    1. Cheers for commenting Dave. Agree with plenty of what you say there. Especially with some of the later films all essentially functioning like mini-Avengers flicks. I also agree that the final threats have been a little too similar in most of the films. On the flipside though, I have heard some people who make that criticism also criticise a film like Thor for feeling too ‘small’. But I would definitely like some more variety there, with some more self contained storytelling.

      I’ve heard the heroes uniting against a threat criticism a few times, and I dunno. I just feel that is always going to happen, but is definitely not something specific to Marvel.

      1. Oh yeah, its symptomatic of blockbusters in general, not just Marvel. But I think in many ways Marvel are responsible (as marketleaders in the genre nowadays) so they tend to catch the most flak for it. It’s sometimes unfair but sometimes justified, like everything on the internet 🙂

      2. Yeah that’s a fair call. They are the leaders of that kind of film and everyone is following them at the moment for better or worse (see infernal shared universes).

  3. I am certainly not a twitter cool kid.

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