Trailer for your Weekend: Monster Brawl

monster brawl poster

I was all set to search around for a big name, classy trailer for this week’s post. But then I came across the trailer for Monster Brawl (2014) and I knew nothing else could compare. Starring people like Kevin Nash, Herb Dean and Jimmy Hart, this looks like it could be exceptional B grade fun. Especially if like me, you were a fan of pro wrestling as a child. Sure it could be terrible, but I have my fingers crossed for exceptional, so bad it’s good, monster and wrestling crossover action. Check out the really fun trailer below.

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6 responses

  1. Tragic. Not many other words. hahaha
    Jimmy Hart is looking as eccentric as ever!!

    1. By tragic, I’m assuming you mean awesome. And yep, Jimmy Hart still seems to be getting by on that same schtick.

  2. I love wrestling, but what’s an Herb Dean?

    1. Haha. A Herb Dean is a famous dreadlocked MMA referee.

  3. Some familiar faces from the days when I used to watch wrestling.

    1. Definitely a throwback.

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