Trailer for your Weekend: Tusk

tusk poster

Kevin Smith is a divisive dude. He certainly has his acolytes and also his haters who will dismiss anything with his name on it. I am neither really, having only seen two of his films and liking but not loving both. Smith’s latest film Tusk (2014) looks to be a fair departure from his other work, even his first horror film Red State (2011). The trailer makes it look so batshit that it looks to be a fairly big departure from basically everything else.  I have to say though, a horror film featuring a walrus feels all kinds of awesome to me. I just hope that it is treated somewhat seriously, because that is the tone I would prefer over something overtly jokey. Though I’m not sure how that desire will work out for me. Any thoughts on this trailer or Smith in general? Favourite films of his?

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11 responses

  1. I have to say, that freeze-frame image of Justin Long in the trailer above is freaking hysterical. But I hope this movie is a very very dark comedy. Which is what I’m gathering from this bizarre trailer. Could be fun. I’m not a huge lover of Kevin smith nor a huge hater, either. He’s good in Jay & Silent Bob. ha!

    1. For sure man. Super duper dark comedy is fine. Lighter horror comedy, I’m not so interested in with this one.

  2. It will either be awesome or awful I reckon, no middle ground with that film..

    1. That’s a pretty good call I think. This one will go either way.

  3. Gotta admit, I’ve kinda given up on Kevin Smith since I hit my twenties – not sure if I’ll bother with this one.

    1. Fair enough. I never really got into him or his films that much in the first place. So I find it pretty easier to just judge each project of his as it comes along.

  4. I think I’ll watch this just to see Haley Joel Osment be fat.

    1. Brutal man… just brutal.

      1. Hey, I can say that! I’m fat too!

  5. Favorite Kevin Smith movie? I loved “Dogma”.

    1. Have never seen that one. I have heard a lot of good things about it.

      Thanks for commenting by the way! Will hopefully see you around again.

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