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As you know I am currently experiencing the Sydney Underground Film Festival for the first time. Rather than my standard weekend trailer, I thought I would share trailers for five of the 35 or so films that are playing at this year’s fest. The program is pretty incredible and hopefully these trailers give a sense of the variety of films on offer. Let us know if you are particularly keen (or not) for any of these.

The opening night film for this year is the Kiwi horror film Housebound (2014). Unfortunately a Thursday opening night was not doable for me this year, but I will luckily be able to see the film during its second screening on the Saturday. Looks like pretty frickin fun low budget horror comedy to me.

Another horror-comedy effort, though this one more polished looking, is Suburban Gothic (2014) starring Kat Dennings among others. I’ll be interested to see how this one goes really. On paper I love the concept, but the trailer gives me some cause for concern. A little too much sheen.

Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno (2013) is probably the highest profile film playing at SUFF 2014. I am pretty sure that it is the film’s Aussie premiere actually, but I could be wrong. I am keen to see the film eventually, but have elected to leave it for another time. I sort of suspect I will need some time to process the it and I probably won’t get that in the hectic film fest environment.

As well as features and shorts, the fest has a great looking selection of docos programmed as well. Freeload (2014) examines the experience of modern day transients. As a fan of narratives that romanticised traditional versions of this lifestyle, such as those by Guthrie and Kerouac, I am interested to see what the reality is like these days.

The closing night film of the fest is the controversial and divisive Wetlands (2013). I have tried not to read too much about the film, knowing I would be seeing it at SUFF. But I know it did garner a fair bit of hate following its screenings at MIFF recently, including from some feminist critics. I am interested to see exactly what the film is all about and importantly what it is trying to say.

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