Sydney Underground Film Festival coverage

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By the time you awesome people read this, I will be on the bus to Sydney for my first ever Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF). I am really excited for this fest and I think that the programmers have put together an incredible program, which you can check out here. I am keen to support more festivals and I actually contributed to a crowdfunding campaign for this one, so I am definitely keen to see what the festival has to offer. I have only heard good things about it and I know the venue is a good one (mind you I have only seen live music there, so will be interesting to see how they set it up with four screens). I am seeing a full slate of thirteen films over the three days I will be there which is equal parts frightening and really exciting. I am intending on reviewing of all them, except the one short film session I am attending. So look for those reviews to trickle out starting Monday night my time and they will probably take me a couple of weeks to bash out.

Anyone ever been to an awesome (or terrible) underground film festival? Take a look at the SUFF program as well and let me know if you have seen anything, or if there is anything there that particularly appeals to you.

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  1. I went to an all night motorcycle film session at the local cinema once, bot quite the same thing I guess 🙂

    1. That seems kinda underground I guess

      1. It seemed it at the time 🙂

    1. Cheers Fernando. The festival was incredible

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