Live Tweet Review: Batman



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18 responses

  1. nice review Tim! definitely the best of the 80/90’s Batman movies. Palance wasn’t used enough here 😦

    I liked him a lot in City Slickers

    1. Yeah he is great in that film. So awesomely grumpy.

      I am sure I’ve seen all of this series of Batman films at least once. But my memory is a little patchy of them, so will try and revisit them all soon I think.

      1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them!

      2. Cheers man. I am contemplating reviewing them all live tweet style. It seems to work pretty well with popcorn style films like these.

  2. 1. This is still the best Batman movie, along with the best Joker.

    2. Despite that, this Gotham is BARREN. There are like 5 people walking the streets. The City Hall scenes especially felt like sound stages.

    3. Jack Palance’s greatest film is Cops and Robbersons.

    1. I always thought Palance’s best film was the one the two of you made together where you nude submission wrestled each other for 88 minutes.


      1. That was Another 88 Minutes, and the only reason we even got to do that was because Ed Burns had other other commitments that prevented him from making the sequel himself.

      2. That’s the one!!

      3. You are so hard to please man. Seriously every film with you it’s like ‘too many dongs’ or ‘not enough dongs’. No one can ever get the dong level right.

    2. Cheers for commenting man. As good as it is, not my favourite Bat flick. I would put the second two Nolan films above it. Quite possibly the best joker though… both this one and Ledger’s are all kinds of great.

      1. The Joker is the one character in the history of TV and cinema who I think has been cast extremely well in every incarnation. Cesar Romero, Jack, Ledger, Mark Hamill… All awesome!

  3. Excellent!!

  4. Another cool usage of Twitter man. Ace work!!!

    1. Cheers man. Appreciate that.

  5. I agree that the Burton films have the best Batmobile.

    1. Yeah I don’t even think it’s close. I hated the Nolan tank lookin one.

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