Live Tweet Review: Independence Day

ID4 poster

I checked out Independence Day (1996) for the second of the live tweet reviews that you folk voted for. Gotta say, I liked this a whole lot less than the last time I saw it unfortunately. Chime in with your comments on what Roland Emmerich’s best film is below. Also, it’s still technically a ‘live’ tweet if I need to go to sleep for eight hours in the middle yeah?

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6 responses

  1. Nicely done Tim!

    I liked this one a lot more than you did, but I can understand most of your gripes about it.

    1. Cheer Rob. I was really disappointed because I liked this back in the day and was expecting to do so again.

  2. I really need to see this one again, haven’t since it came out practically. Nice tweets buddy!

    1. Thankyou sir. Hopefully a revisit is more enjoyable for you than it was for me.

  3. Not my favorite movie ever… nicely done!

    1. Glad to hear it is not your favourite movie ever. You might have been a little offended if that was the case.

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