Trailer for your Weekend: The Quiet Ones

quiet ones poster

Perhaps more than any other genre, it is harder to gauge whether a horror film will be any good based solely on the trailer and marketing material. Having said that, I am pretty keen to check out The Quiet Ones (2014). I really like this trailer. I dig how it is stylised to look old and the concept of setting something supernatural to the backdrop of a scientific place like a university has definite promise. They are really pushing the based on a true story elements of this one as well. If you are interested in that angle, be sure to check out this awesome piece that Ryan from Rhino’s Horror wrote a while back on the supposed true life origins of the film. I have really never understood the whole based on a true story attraction for horror marketing. But in any case, The Quiet Ones definitely looks like a horror film to keep an eye on with its pretty reasonable cast and what appeared to be pretty assured period trimmings, though I am a little concerned it will be a little too polished. What about you guys, keen for this?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, man!

    1. My pleasure man. I love those articles of yours.

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