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Trailer for your Weekend: Star Trek Into Darkness

Star trek

For some reason, this was billed as an “announcement” on the site where I watch my trailers, so I almost didn’t click on it.

But it’s a teaser trailer, and an utterly killer one. I enjoyed the first Star Trek film (the first of these new ones – you know what I mean). That’s coming from someone who has never even watched a Star Trek TV show or film before. And seeing this suddenly has me hanging out for the next entry. Benedict Cumberbatch!!! Sherlock is one of my favourite shows of recent years, so seeing that man in a major villain role is enough to get me excited for this. Everything else is pretty cool too. What do you guys think of this one?

On a side note, any Star Trek fans out there? Would love to hear suggestions on the best way to start exploring the canon. Every time I look for a way in, I am just too intimidated by the sheer number of different versions of the TV show. Not sure where the start is, or if I should even be starting from the start.

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