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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character posters

I posted the trailer for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) the other week, along with some of my concerns about the film. The marketing for the film continued last week with the release of four character posters. Yeah they are a little uncreative, all featuring the same design. But to focus in on the hands and iconic weapons is kinda cool. It could be worse, it could just be head shots of all the Turtles. The focus on hands/weapons is particularly cool for me because the weapons are so intrinsically tied to the characters. I remember deciding that Donatello was my favourite turtle way back in the day, basically because his weapon was just a massive stick.

Check the posters out below and let me know what you think.









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Nymphomaniac character posters

No doubt you guys have already seen these, but just in case, I thought I would share. I would feel bad if you guys happened to miss out on literally the worst thing ever on my watch.

I am looking forward to Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac (2013). I don’t think his films always work entirely. But they definitely always make you think which is more than you can say about most directors. And to those of you who think that character posters should be just for superhero films, our man Lars has no time for you.

Seriously though, posters of the film’s characters at the point of climax is exactly as gross and disturbing as you suspect. Check them out below and… erm let me know your favourite, if you are weird and have one. There are 14 of these, but I felt a random selection of six was more than enough.

Stellan Skarsgard plays a dude who takes in the film’s main star as she tells her life story.

nympho stellan

Charlotte Gainsbourg is turning into a bit of a von Trier go-to star. She plays the titular sex addict.

nympho charlotte

Shia Lebouf who since filming has gone on a bit of  a Joaquin Phoenix style very public (staged?) anti-fame breakdown style thingy.

nympho shia

Connie Nielsen plays the mother of the Gainsbourg character.

nympho connie

Billy Elliot, presumably not playing Billy Elliot.

Nympho billy

Sophie Kennedy Clark in a role which I assume is a slight change of pace from Philomena (2013).

nympho sophie

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The Lego Movie character posters

Some of you lucky jerks have already seen and enjoyed The Lego Movie. Over here in Australia, we still have a fair while to wait. But I have really liked a lot of the marketing that they have done for this film, including the posters. They released some great character posters for the film as well as the stock standard ones. Given I have a bit of a thing for character posters, I thought I would share them here, even though you’ve probably seen them everywhere else by now. These all look a little similar, but they still help me to get really psyched for the film. I think the coolest thing about them is the facial expressions from each lego character.

First up is Benny, voiced by Charlie Day. I have to admit that I have no idea who this character is and am trying to avoid all spoilers so don’t want to find out.

lego benny

Next up is Emmett, the every-man main character voiced by Chris Pratt. I love Pratt and think is comedic stylings will lend themselves really well to voice work.

lego 2.3

Batman has been the most hilarious character in the trailers so can’t wait to see his role in the film. Tis cool that D.C are happy for one of their very top properties to be used in this amusing way.

lego batman

No matter how many rubbish films Ferrell brings us, I will always be a fan of his. No doubt his voicework will be very ‘Ferrelly’ in this, but I am ok with that. I think this is my favourite of the posters actually.

lego lord business

Elizabeth Banks is another person I am a big fan of and I like the spirit of this character that has come through in the trailers.

lego wildstyle

Morgan Freeman playing almost God. Say no more.

lego freeman

Let me know what you think of these, and the film if you have seen it, in the comments section below.

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