Nymphomaniac character posters

No doubt you guys have already seen these, but just in case, I thought I would share. I would feel bad if you guys happened to miss out on literally the worst thing ever on my watch.

I am looking forward to Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac (2013). I don’t think his films always work entirely. But they definitely always make you think which is more than you can say about most directors. And to those of you who think that character posters should be just for superhero films, our man Lars has no time for you.

Seriously though, posters of the film’s characters at the point of climax is exactly as gross and disturbing as you suspect. Check them out below and… erm let me know your favourite, if you are weird and have one. There are 14 of these, but I felt a random selection of six was more than enough.

Stellan Skarsgard plays a dude who takes in the film’s main star as she tells her life story.

nympho stellan

Charlotte Gainsbourg is turning into a bit of a von Trier go-to star. She plays the titular sex addict.

nympho charlotte

Shia Lebouf who since filming has gone on a bit of  a Joaquin Phoenix style very public (staged?) anti-fame breakdown style thingy.

nympho shia

Connie Nielsen plays the mother of the Gainsbourg character.

nympho connie

Billy Elliot, presumably not playing Billy Elliot.

Nympho billy

Sophie Kennedy Clark in a role which I assume is a slight change of pace from Philomena (2013).

nympho sophie

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5 responses

  1. I don’t think he wads going for funny but these are hilarious!

  2. It would’ve been better had they actually climaxed for the photo shoot.

    1. my thoughts precisely.

  3. I actually think these are kind of amazing and I love the campaign where they get movie critics to recreate these.

  4. I’m going to describe my reactions to each as follows:

    1) Nipple-gut!

    2) Nice mouth.

    3) Fuck that guy.

    4) What’s going on down below?

    5) Do seizures count?

    6) . . .Actually pretty hot.

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