Trailer for your Weekend: Tomorrowland

tland poster

There are plenty of highly hyped movies coming our way in 2015, most of them continuations of franchises. One more original film that has plenty of people psyched is director Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland (2015) which he has been working on for what seems like ages. This first teaser trailer gives us an interesting concept, seemingly the presence of another utopian dimension in which you can escape the looming apocalypse. But it also has a pretty stock standard Clooney voiceover dominating it, which does give me some cause for concern. Bird is a talented dude, so I will be keen to check this out. I just hope Disney has given him enough freedom to deliver something original.

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7 responses

  1. I understand your concern on Clooney but, given Brad Bird’s talent as a director, I am optimistic about the whole thing. Looks intriguing enough to make me want to watch it.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I agree. Will definitely see it and I’m a big fan of Clooney’s. Just feels a touch glossy potentially.

  2. Looks like a good’un

    1. Cheers for commenting. Yep, I will definitely be tuning into it.

  3. I’m really torn on this one… it could be pretty interesting. Maybe.

    It just looks a little too Disney at the moment, but I guess we will see how the trailers develop over the next couple of months.

    1. Agree it looks a little too Disney. I often find that they make the trailers have that kind of feel to suck in as broad an audience as possible. Hopefully the finished film is not too overpolished.

      1. Yeah that’s very true… oh well fingers crossed I guess!

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