Trailer for your Weekend: Snowpiercer

piercer poster

A lot of people have been hanging out for Joon-ho Bong’s English language debut Snowpiercer (2013) for quite some time now. It played to a fair bit of hype in a couple of festivals quite a while ago. But the Weinsteins have gotten their hands on the film and have been making a lot of cuts to the final version. So even though it has opened in a bunch of countries over the past six months, places like Australia and the USA are still waiting. The concept sees a train circling the world continously in a near-future apocalypse. Tis a great concept and this red band trailer makes it look like a film to catch, tapping into classical sci-fi notions of class and power struggles, rocking a quality cast and looking mad pretty to boot. Hopefully the Weinsteins have gone easy on Bong’s original vision and we can actually see the film soon as well. You guys keen as I am for this, or have you even managed to catch the film?

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10 responses

  1. I’ve seen it and really enjoyed it. Its not perfect but there are some really cool surreal social commentary in it. I don’t know how much will have been cut by the time its released though

    1. Cheers man. Here is hoping that Weinstein and co don’t get rid of too much of that surreal social commentary. Sounds great.

  2. One of my most anticipated of the year. Can’t wait to see this one. Hope the Weinsteins don’t tamper with it too much.

    1. Same man. Though I read some comments from Bong the other day where he did not seem too fussed about the cuts. Sort of saying the Weinsteins are the ones who are used to releasing successful films in the States so was happy to leave it in their hands.

      1. Oh, that’s good, I guess.

  3. I’ve seen it. It looked like it was going to be great. The idea was cool but I don’t think it was executed that well. To me it just turned into this action movie… It finished and left me feeling unsatisfied!

    1. Cheers for commenting Brookie. Bummer it left you unsatisfied. I was definitely hoping for action movie with something a little more weighty underneath.

  4. This movie is definitely worth checking out!

    1. It played at the Sydney International Film Fest recently. Utterly divided opinion. Which makes me want to see it even more.

      1. Ah, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it!

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