The Rover character posters

David Michod’s The Rover (2014) is a film that a lot of people are interested in. Opening over the next few weeks and currently being featured heavily at the Sydney International Film Festival, it is one of the top couple of most anticipated film releases out of this country for 2014. A major reason why people both here and abroad are keen to check the film out is that it is Michod’s first film since Animal Kingdom (2010), the Aussie gangster flick that was seen all around the world and re-launched the career of Jacki Weaver, which so far has gained her a couple of Oscar noms.

I was not totally enamoured with the rather distant first teaser for the film, but I am still very excited to check it out when it opens. I have avoided the second trailer, to try and minimise my knowledge of the film before I see it. However, I am a big fan of these couple of character posters that have been released. I really like the idea of having the same words applying to the close-up shot of both these pretty big name actors. Gives you a flavour of the plot without spoiling anything at all.

First up is Aussie favourite Guy Pearce, who returns to work with Michod after also being seen in Animal Kingdom.

guy 2

Whatever you think of him, it is great for Michod and Australian film in general that someone with the profile of Robert Pattinson features in one of our features. This look is a long way from Twilight (2008).

patt 1

Are you fans of these posters? Keen to check out Michod’s new film?

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7 responses

  1. These posters are great! Looking forward to this film!

    1. They are very cool posters my man. I caught the movie last night. Review to come over next few days.

      1. Looking forward to it!

  2. The posters are really cool. I greatly look forward to this, and in fact Robert Pattinson looks so different I had to double-check that this was the same Robert Pattinson from Twilight. indeed it is!

    1. You should see him in the film man. He has this gaunt physicality and griminess that is quite shocking. Plenty to look forward to with the film as well. Tis a cracker.

  3. Keen to see what this is like; hopefully Pattinson can help break his rather unliked acting ability in this movie. The posters make me wonder what its about, and I love that;
    No doubt Guy Pearce will bring 100%…

    1. Have you seen this yet man? I just posted a review. I really liked it and Pattinson is pretty darn good in it too. Interesting film, would be interesting to see if you like it or not (not everyone likes it as much as me).

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