Trailer for your Weekend: Love

English: A photo of Tom DeLonge at an Angels &...

Tom DeLonge – member of Blink 182 and founder of Angels and Airwaves, the band behind this fim.

It is so nice that in this age of endless trailers online, something can still creep up and surprise you. The trailer for Love did just that when I saw it at the cinema the other week. This beguiling looking film comes out of the work of the band Angels and Airwaves, the side project of one of the members of Blink 182. What an awesomely strange source for a film! The film looks incredible, and extremely ambitious, spanning history and the universe. I think the film has been available in various forms for a while now, but it is getting a cinema release here in Australia very soon, and I for one will be lining up to check it out. Thoughts on this one?

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