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Snap Live Tweet Review Poll

So I have a couple of pleasant days off work at the moment. Full of chilling out, watching movies and the occasional more ardous pursuit.

I thought I would use some of my spare time to do my first live tweet review that I have been talking about recently. I will kick off the live tweeting at 10:00 am tomorrow morning (that’s Canberra, Australia time), so hopefully you can follow along and engage with it. Or just check it out later on if you are all in bed/at the day job etc.

As I haven’t heard from Rorschach with his pick for the first film for me to review (I will try and contact him, I think he has been too busy schmoozing Joss Whedon and other famous folk), I thought I would let you folks choose. So you have a little over 24 hours to choose between the following three options (just let me know how your choice in the comments, I couldn’t work out how to insert a poll into this post):

Ace Attorney (2012) dir by Takashi Miike


Jaws 3 (1983) dir by Joe Alves

Jaws 3

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) dir by Jack Arnold


Get voting folks, and be sure to check out tomorrow’s review on Twitter. Peace.

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Help Me Get Some Twitter Followers (for a good reason)

So this site does have a twitter account. One that barely ever gets used, but I feel it should. I think something that works really well on twitter is live-tweeting of films. Generally really shitty ones.  I have always thought it was a great idea ever since seeing a fantastic live tweet of Adam Sandler’s That’s My Boy (2012). At this point in time, I have to pay a big tribute to my man Rorschach whose fantastic effort on Scary Movie 5 (2013) put this idea back into my head recently (royalty cheque is in the mail buddy).

scary movie

So I think I am going to try and get involved with some live-tweeting style reviews. But first, I would really like to build my followers up a little, so someone actually gets to read my live tweets. So hit me up @beer_movie and get involved. I will also get on there and tweet about other movie related things from time to time as well. Let me know your twitter handles in the comments section below so I can follow you back.

Also, let me know in the comments any requests for films you would like me to live tweet. Rorschach I actually lied about that royalty cheque thing. So as punishment, I would like to extend an offer for you to select the first film I will live tweet. You can subject me to any cruel and unusual punishment sir.

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