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Woodley Week: Bemusement Park

Here we go with the final entry of Woodley Week. Don’t forget that there are double entries for the competition up for grabs on this post, which is a review of the DVD being given away, Bemusement Park.

bem park

In my review of Woodley a couple of days ago, I repeated a couple of times how it illustrated the range of Frank Woodley as a performer, with its heartfelt edge. Well Bemusement Park is yet another example of his range, this time delivering a more ‘straight’ stand-up routine, full of observational jokes and the weaving in of hilarious tales from Woodley’s real life. The previous stand-up shows of Woodley’s that I had seen as a solo performer were not like this at all. They were long, ambitious one-man narratives. Here the construction is him standing and delivering jokes. And he is really quite good at it. That is not to say that every joke hits home with the audience in attendance. But the ones that fall flat provide some of the funniest moments, as Woodley is a fantastic improviser and riffs on these jokes that didn’t work. It is clear that he is still polishing the overall show, but he is open about this fact and shares the polishing of it with the audience.  For someone who has not done a whole lot of this style of comedy (at least to my knowledge) Woodley has wonderful comedic timing and pacing.

This is not to say that Woodley has abandoned his former silly self entirely. The set opens with probably its silliest moment as he attempts to extricate himself comically from a Cathy Freeman circa 2000 Olympics style running suit. It’s no spoiler to say that he gets a little stuck whilst doing so. It is also nice to see Woodley showing off his musical gifts once again too. Some years ago, Lano and Woodley did a tour entitled Sing Songs and released a CD of the same name. These hilarious songs showed the musical ability of them both and it is great to see Frank whip out the ukulele and guitar at various points throughout this show. He really does have a lovely voice and is a great crafter of sharply funny songs too. Overall, despite slowing a little over the second half, this performance probably got the most out and out belly laughs out of all the Woodley Week entries from me.

Bemusement Park is a great way to finish off Woodley Week, because it shows off even more of the man’s talents. The jokes are taut and well crafted, not just throwaway lines or observations. He is just such an over the top extrovert and brilliant comedian, and much of that is on show here. And where else would you get to see a man pretending to be a chimpanzee pretending to be a meerkat?

Verdict: Pint of Kilkenny

Want to win a copy of Frank Woodley’s new show Bemusement Park on DVD courtesy of Madman Entertainment? Then head here for the details.

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Woodley Week: Intro and Competition details

The great Frank Woodley

The great Frank Woodley

Frank Woodley is a name that may be unfamilar to many of my readers, especiatlly those not reading from Australia. But for me, along with many other Australinas, Woodley along with straight man Colin Lane were a formative part of my life. As Lano and Woodley they were close to the most iconic stand up act in the country for a good decade or so, success which also led to two seasons of their own show as well as guest appearances on countless other television shows. They were always my favourite comedy act, managing to be simultaneously silly and very intellighent in what they did. I recall saving up my pocket money so my sister and I could go halves in their TV show on VHS (each video only had 2 episodes and cost $20 – TV on home video has come along way). I also recall that when my parents got their first answering maching, my sister and I took it upon ourselves to record an opus of a message for them. This Lano and Woodley inspired masterpiece ran for about 5 minutes, and concluded with my line “Kath, do I have time to do a poo?” After Colin Lane left the group in 2006, Frank Woodley (the silly one) continued down the comedy path with succesful (and somewhat different) standup routines and himself having a show run on ABC earlier this year, simply titled Woodley.

Why all this chat about my beloved Frank Woodley? Well becuase his latest show Bemusement Park has just been released on DVD. And thanks to Madman Entertainment, I have a copy to give away. Entry is open to anyone who reads the site, no matter where you live (if you take the time to read my site, I’m happy to send this little mmmbaby anywhere). Even better, the DVD plays in all regions, so no worries about compatability issues.

Ok, so how do you enter. Over the next week, I will be posting five ‘Woodley Week’ posts. To earn entries, just do any of the following (including on this post and double entries on Saturday’s review of Bemusement Park):

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Any questions, please let me know. Entries will be open til midnight on Christmas Day. For now here is a little Lano and Woodley for you to enjoy.

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