The Beermovie Podcast Ep 2: Briony Kidd and Grace of My Heart

grace poster

So it’s a little later than I had hoped, but episode 2 of the Beermovie Podcast is finally here. I think it is a pretty good chat, so hopefully it is worth the wait.

For this episode I am joined by Briony Kidd, who co-founded and programs the excellent Stranger With My Face horror film festival. As well as that, Briony is also a writer, director and screenwriting teacher amongst a bunch of other things. We have a great chat about all of Briony’s work and finish it off by talking about Allison Anders’ pretty incredible film Grace of My Heart (1996).

To have a listen, you can download it on iTunes here or listen on Soundcloud here. If you like what you hear subscribe, let me know and if you can, take the time to leave a review.

Amongst a bunch of random diversions, we manage to cover off on:

0.00 – Introduction & slightly random question, where should we find our next female directed Aussie horror fix
3.40 – Genre distribution in Australia
8.35 – The Stranger With My Face film festival
24.34 – Horror and feminism
31.55 – The difficulties of horror comedies
33.34 – Writing for screen & stage and the art of writing independently
42.14 – Alison Anders’ Grace of My Heart

You can check out the Stranger With My Face Film Festival here and follow Briony on twitter here. The Beermovie Podcast theme riff is by Horenco, who’s tunes you can check out here.

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