This poster has me excited about Pixar again

lava poster

Yesterday Pixar tweeted out the above poster with an announcement that Lava would be the short that precedes their upcoming feature Inside Out (2015). With just this poster, I am all of a sudden excited about Pixar again.

Let’s be honest, Pixar have been in a bit of a funk recently. The last three films from what used to be the most consistently brilliant and creative studio out there have been Monsters University (2013), Brave (2012) and Cars 2 (2011). Even huge fans of the studio like me, would probably only be able to find one of those films that they are fond of (for me it is actually Cars 2, which I think cops a bit of a bad wrap). The decline in quality is starker when you ponder the three films that preceded those ones – Toy Story 3 (2010), Up (2009) and WALL-E (2008). Those are three stone cold classics and I believe are three of the best animation films ever made.

Something in the poster for the short film Lava excited me and suggests to me that hopefully the creative tide is turning. Sure its stylings are a little derivative of a Mondo poster. But there is also a sense that they are doing something a little new and at least for them original. Not to mention the visual splendour, I mean a crystal blue ocean teeming with whales and dolphins as a volcano towers above. Add into that the really original premises of two out of the three next Pixar films and there is definitely reason to hope. Inside Out takes a look inside the mind of an 11 year old kid with a voice cast including people like Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling (Cinema Blend had a first look at some footage yesterday and were definitely psyched by it, check out the details here). Whilst The Good Dinosaur (2015) was meant to be this year’s Pixar release, but a problematic production has meant that it has been pushed back, giving us the bonus of two Pixar flicks in one year. I am hoping that the production troubles don’t spell trouble for the film, but let’s face it, it has dinosaurs in it so will almost certainly be phenomenal. Following that will be a sequel, a concept with which Pixar have a mixed track run. But Finding Dory (2016) is a sequel to one of the company’s classics so here is hoping it continues an upwards trend for the studio’s output.

So, how do you feel about Pixar’s recent work, any of there recent films you need to defend? Which of their upcoming films are you most excited for?

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4 responses

  1. I haven’t seen Brave or Cars 2. The Cars series never interested me. But I actually enjoyed Monsters University. I think it’s because I had quite low expectations for it.
    Have you heard about the dia de Los muertos project they have in the pipeline? That looks interesting, although I’m not sure if it’s a certainty.
    I really like that Lava poster too.

    1. Thanks heaps for commenting!

      I think I disliked Monsters Uni for the opposite reason you didn’t mind it. I had really high hopes cause of my love for Monsters Inc and it just couldn’t live up to them. I have heard of that one! Looks real interesting. I think the next three are totally bedded down with set release dates. There are a few others coming like the Los Muertos one, Incredibles 2 and Cars 3, but when exactly is a little up in the air. Once word gets out about a project, Pixar pretty much always bring it to fruition (Newt is the exception I can think of).

  2. Monsters University is not horrible. But it is also far from magical. And that is a problem! It is entirely forgettable and I found it challenging to pay attention at times. Same with Brave! I have not watched Cars but have seen some terrible reviews of it! Yours is a good read though!

    Dude, that poster is sexy! I will maintain hope regardless of their current rough patch!

  3. Love that poster. You’re right though, Pixar has hit a bit of a low point in recent years but even their lesser efforts are better than most. I enjoyed Cars 2 and Monster’s University but they weren’t in the same league as their predecessors. Let’s hope this new film is back to Toy Story standards.

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