Trailer for your Weekend: They Came Together

came poster

Woah almost totally forgot a trailer for this weekend. Here it is, though don’t get me wrong, simply based on what is on display below They Came Together (2014) looks pretty woeful. It sort of seems like a really obvious approach to material that needs a little panache and originality to really succeed. But there is one simple reason why I will still be keen to see it when it comes out: Amy Poehler. If you are  a fan of Parks and Recreation (if you haven’t seen it, please give it a try), then you will know that Poehler is possibly the best comedic performer working today. Any movie she is in, not to mention one rocking a reasonable supporting cast headed by Paul Rudd, has a great chance to be hilarious. So here is hoping Poehler and co can make this way better than the strange, bad, trailer suggests.

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11 responses

  1. Ok it looks a bit bad, but with this cast I still have hope 🙂

  2. I agree with you, man. Looks awful but if anyone can save it, It’s Poehler.

    1. Spot on. She is a legend.

  3. I love Poehler but the trailer is shit!

    1. Totally agreed on both fronts.

  4. Man, I was expecting a little more from Poehler and Rudd. But there’s still hope that the best jokes have been left out of the trailer. 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting Jade. It would be a first for the best jokes to have been kept out of the trailer, but like you I still hold out a little bit of hope for this one.

  5. . . . .would I get a shoe thrown at me if i said I probably won’t see this just because of Poehler. . .? :/

    haha. I just don’t think she’s that funny!

    1. *throws shoe at Tom*

      1. *ouch*

        damn that hurt

      2. *throws other shoe at Tom, politely enquires if he has changed his opinion on Poehler*

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