All the things I tweeted about the Oscars whilst claiming to not be tweeting about the Oscars when I was meant to be working

I hate the Oscars. I know some people love them and that’s totally cool. But I got on my high horse and said I wouldn’t be tweeting about them except for two thoughts… and then proceeded to retweet about them endlessly. Here are the results. Given my stance, it is mainly just people bagging on the whole thing. So perhaps a different Oscar’s review post than the norm. At one point I was not going to post this due to the massive two hour gap in my tweeting (the day job got disgracefully busy at one point). But then Dave Zirin posted a tweet that made me laugh for about a minute straight, embarrassing myself in the office (it is fourth from the bottom if you want to skip to it). So I wanted to get that tweet out there.

Your weekly Elm Street review is on its way. Just been a touch busy so it will be a day or two late. Hope you enjoy these tweets to tide you over.

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16 responses

  1. That damn Bette Midler and her Wind Beneath My Wings… it’s been stuck in my head all day! The tweeting seems to be the most fun thing about the Oscars these days. Ellen ordering up a bunch of pizzas was probably the most exciting part for me, though.

    1. Yeah I saw some of the pics of her with pizza. Obviously since I was at work I couldn’t watch. But I suspect I would have enjoyed the tweeting more in any case.

  2. I’m an unapologetic diehard fan of the Oscars, but some of these were really funny!

    1. Cheers Fernando. Glad you got a laugh. I know you are a massive Oscars fan. You were one of the people I had in mind when I was writing my intro. I wish I was not so cynical about the whole thing… but I am.

  3. wow people are pathetic. this is why i stay the hell off of twitter. wtf is up with the Jared Leto hate ,and the support for Kim Novak. that dumb bitch looked like 9/11 happened to her face.

    1. Sorry you didn’t enjoy these man. Leto has copped a lot of criticism for people for his lack of acknowledgement of the trans community in his acceptance speeches throughout the awards season and I think that is fair enough.

      As for Novak, I personally agree with Dave Zirin above where he calls jokes about plastic surgery “tired, ugly and whack”. I think cheap jokes at a person like Kim Novak’s physical appearance ignores much of the societal and industry pressure that women such as her endure.

      Freedom of expression is of course encouraged here, but I don’t particularly think it is cool to call Kim Novak, one of the stars of possibly the greatest film ever, breast cancer survivor and sufferer of bipolar disease a “dumb bitch” cause you don’t like her appearance. I don’t think it’s cool to call anyone a dumb bitch cause you don’t like their appearance for that matter.

      1. yeah feel free to delete that comment haha i wasn’t in a great mood last night. I shouldn’t have brought that to your page. i should have vented on my own. my apologies.

  4. like, seriously. This Phillip Concannon guy I want to snap his legs in half and shove them up his ass

    1. Haha, yeah I was kinda surprised with his tweeting. He works for (or at least used to) the BFI, so wasn’t expecting some of that stuff from him. Was obviously a Captain Phillips man.

  5. Great Oscars post!!! Some of these tweets are hilarious

    1. Cheers, glad you enjoyed.

  6. Gotta say I am very indifferent to the Oscars. This was pretty entertaining though!

    1. Cheers Zoe, glad you enjoyed.

  7. Haha! I love the Oscars – I’m not ashamed! ; ) Also tweeted the entire time, much to everyone’s annoyance. ; )

    1. Yeah I was worried I might lose a follower or two with my endless retweeting.

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