Trailer for your Weekend: Gloria

gloria poster

Gloria  is a Chilean film that I have been hearing a fair bit about recently. It took out the top award at the Berlin Film Fest last year which is nothing to be sneezed at. Going off the trailer, small parts of it seem a little familiar, but it also seems to have a good spirit about it. I like the main character singing over the top of the images through the early parts. In particular, the main performance from Paulina Garcia looks really great and she has been getting a lot of plaudits for it too. Hopefully this manages to combine some familiar relationship film moments with some original stuff, and there is definitely a bit of that suggested. I will be keen to take a look when this opens later this month out here. Anyone out there seen this at a festival or somewhere it has already opened?

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6 responses

  1. Can’t wait to see this.

    1. Same man. End of the month out here so looking forward to checking it out.

    1. Yeah mate, should be good hopefully.

  2. There was talk this might snag a nomination for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars. No such luck, but I’m still curious about it.

    1. Yeah I am keen to see it. I’m pulling for Broken Circle Breakdown in the foreign film race. Tis actually the only category I have any interest in this year.

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