Trailer for your Weekend: Dom Hemingway

dom hemingway poster

Dom Hemingway is a film I have heard little bits about for a while now. It stars Jude Law as a bit of  a caricature of a safe cracker, finally out after being in jail for 12 years. The trailer looks pretty cool I think. The film seems to be taking an ultra stylised approach which if it comes off, could be something really special. Of course if it doesn’t come off, it could just be really annoying. Here is hoping for the former. What do you guys think?

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14 responses

  1. Jude law is often good, I might give this a go.. Saw part of Gangster Squad this evening, Gatsby last night, steer clear of both in my opinion..

    1. Cheers for commenting mate. I quite liked The Great Gatsby. I can understand how the style of it could be grating for some people though. Gangster Squad was bearable, but only just. It was a bit silly really.

  2. Looks promising. Agreed the trailer is interesting.

    1. Yeah mate for sure. It didn’t sound that interesting on paper, but I definitely think there is some promise there.

  3. This looks quite good. And so does Mădălina Diana Ghenea who I believe is in the girl coming out of the pool. Have not seen much of Jude Law lately, so hope that this re-introduces him a very positive way.

    1. Thanks for commenting. The last thing I remember seeing Jude Law in and actually liking was Contagion.

    1. I agree man. If they do it well, should be a cracker.

      1. Hope it is. Love seeing Jude Law in a very different role.

  4. aww…the trailer seems to have been taken down. Or at least I can’t view it here

    1. Bummer man. It is still working for me. Didn’t think it would be region locked.

      1. yeah it’s weird. i just keep getting a message saying the video has been taken down? i’ll youtube it though, i’m sure it’s there. 😀

  5. Curses! The Youtube play icon is covering the boobies 😉

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