Trailer for your Weekend: The Unknown Known

unknown known

Errol Morris is a huge name in documentary filmmaking. Whilst I would not say he is one of my personal favourites (I like rather than love his films), there is no doubting the respect that he is held in and the quality of his work. With the cracking title of The Unknown Known, Morris’ next film takes a look at one of the more divisive figures of the last 15 or so years, Donald Rumsfeld. You have to wonder sometimes how Morris gets his subjects to be involved. Just look at the befuddled (and befuddling) Rummy Rumsfeld reading the first memo in the trailer. The trailer has definitely whet my appetite to check out more of this and how Rummy comes off. Docos on political figures are probably not for everyone, but are you guys interested in this?

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4 responses

  1. Okay, I’ll bite.

    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. I’d watch it. I’m into that kind of stuff.

    1. Yeah it looks really interesting. I have been watching plenty of docos lately.

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