Trailer for your Weekend: Transcendence

Transcendence poster

Could it be? Could Johnny Depp actually deliver a performance where he doesn’t just play Johnny Depp? This first trailer for Transcendence gives us some hope I think. I’m not sure if others have been tracking this film for a while, but I only really became aware of it the other day when I caught the trailer. And I’ve got to say it looks pretty badarse. Here is hoping for some intelligent but not too confusing sci-fi goodness. With a Johnny Depp in fine form challenging himself rather than just playing a caricature of himself. You guys psyched at all for this?

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14 responses

  1. This is a Sci-Fi I’m looking forward to.

    1. It does look pretty intriguing.

  2. Absolutely I am. The storyline looks pretty complex but it does also look compelling. Johnny Depp is taking on another strange role, but like you said, this time it’s not a parody or caricature of himself. The anticipation has officially begun!

    1. I know man. I am looking forward to seeing Depp in this. He has just gotten so tiresome for so many people (myself very much included). So I really hope he brings the goods here.

  3. Can’t wait for this one. It somehow reminds me of the TV series Person of Interest because of all the AI stuff going on.

    1. Cheers for commenting. I’m not familiar with that series. Do you recommend it?

      1. Absolutely. It’s all about ‘being watched’ by a Machine mixed with action and drama. In fact it’s one of the best TV dramas right now. You should check out the pilot and if you enjoy it, definitely continue watching!

      2. Ok cool. Will try and track it down.

  4. LOVED this trailer. And that’s saying a lot since I can’t stand Depp as of late. Looks like we’re in for a great ride.

    1. Yeah I think plenty of people feel the same way about Depp recently. This looks like it could be a different kind of performance from him. Here is hoping.

      1. Fingers crossed. Too much Jack Sparrow for a decade now.

      2. Haha, yep spot on. Probably where it all started going wrong for him as an actor aye

  5. Trailer is certainly pretty awesome. Hopefully the film lives up to it.

    And Depp’s scene there was a bit more understated than he normally is. We’ll see how it plays throughout the movie.

    1. Never know how the film will measure up aye. I just really hope that Depp can turn back the clock and give a half decent performance. That alone will make the film worth checking out.

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