A Fortnight of Terror Trailer for your Weekend: I Frankenstein

I-Frankenstein poster

This week’s trailer is for I Frankenstein, a forthcoming film which I think is based on a pretty well received graphic novel. The film was shot in Australia as well, so got a fair bit of press out here. A shame then that this trailer makes it look like utter shite. It has more than a whiff of Van Helsing about it, which you know is not  a good thing at all. Aside from Aaron Eckhart looking the goods, there is basically nothing here that gives any hope this film will be worth your time.

Anyone disagree with me on this?

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9 responses

  1. Well, I was hoping to be able to disagree with you because I have a weakness for Frankenstein movies, but the trailer looks like a Frankenberry flavored mashup of Blade and Underworld, which does not interest me.

    1. Yeah I am with you. Big fan of the whole Frankenstein tale, but this does not seem to have much going for it.

  2. Aside from getting a chance to see the chick from Chuck in something, this looks pretty sorry to me…

    1. Haha. I have no idea what that is, so this has no positives for me.

      1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

        It was a sitcom over here about a geeky guy who scores the hot chick and becomes a spy. Whatsherface spent a LOT of time in her undies…

  3. It’s hard to judge things based on trailers. I thought Scott Pilgrim would be cack based on the trailer, but then ended up loving it. This could be surprisingly good like the first Blade or rubbish like Blade 3. I’m not too excited though as it’s by the maker of Underworld, which bored me to tears.

    1. Cheers for commenting, and you are right. Very hard to take too much from trailers. It is the very Van Helsing vibe which is giving me cause for concern.

  4. The funniest (and most bizarre) thing about seeing this trailer is that I’m in a screenwriting class where another young woman is writing a Frankenstein-inspired story. In her screenplay, the Frankenstein monster is found in the Arctic by three Hollywood movie executives (wait, wait, it gets better), who bring him back to LA, give him an extreme makeover (how very Earth Girls Are Easy of them) and then… he’s charged with murder after his blind date with a “YouTube sensation” somehow ends with her death (ambiguous as to whether he actually did it). Frankenstein on trial, even though he no longer looks like Frankenstein. And it’s a drama. I kid you not.

    Admittedly, that’s not what this I, Frankenstein is about (though it also seems to be set in the present day). But seeing the Frankenstein monster now being played by Aaron Eckhart and with well-defined abs… talk about a makeover!

    1. Wow. That screenplay sounds really rather ambitious.

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