A Fortnight of Terror: Intro & Comp Details

Halloween poster

October means Halloween for many people. I am not really one of those people. Being an Aussie, the holiday is, well not really a holiday here. Having said that, I have gotten increasingly into horror films over recent years, so any excuse to watch a buttload of horror flicks is a good one in my book. So over the next 14 days in the lead up to Halloween, I am going to be covering a huge range of horror films here on the site, hopefully capturing everything from iconic classics to the latest releases.

To go along with my usual ranting and reviews, I also have 4 or 5 great guest posts lined up as well, from some awesome writers. The first of these should hit the site tomorrow with others to follow regularly over the fortnight.

There will be a DVD prize courtesy of Madman Entertainment on offer as well. I have not confirmed the exact prize as yet, but will keep you all updated. In any case, rest assure it will be awesome.

Entries to the comp will be open to all readers worldwide. To enter, do any/all of the following for each of the posts over the next 14 days:

  • Like the post on Facebook for one entry
  • Comment on the post on Facebook for two entries
  • Share the post on Facebook for two entries
  • Retweet the post on Twitter for two entries
  • Like the post on this site for one entry
  • Comment on the post on this site for two entries

To kick things off, give me your top 3 horror flicks of all time in the comments section below.

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12 responses

  1. Aw man, that’s tough. I’d never be able to pick just three, but Hellraiser is in there. And Sleepaway Camp. And Puppet Master. And all three Basket Case movies. And Phantasm.

    1. Seven is close enough to three. I haven’t seen any of your choices, so they are all going on my absolutely huge list of films to track down and watch.

  2. I would have to go with IT, the original Evil Dead, and the Halloween Movies

    1. Cheers for commenting man. I have only seen the first Halloween film, but I absolutely love it. That would be on my list. My review of The Evil Dead will be going up this week.

      1. Let me know when you’re done with it I would like to read it :]

  3. Awesome! My top 3 horror movies are: The Omen, The Exorcist and Drag Me to Hell.

    1. Cheers for commenting Fernando. A few people have recommended Drag Me to Hell to me recently. Will have to check it out.

      1. Drag Me To Hell was terrible :]

      2. Hope you do. It’s really fun!

  4. Tough to pick a top 3. Perhaps it would go like this.

    Halloween (78)
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (74)
    Bride of Frankenstein

    1. I love Halloween. That is definitely in my top 3 as well.

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